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Book Sewing

A premium book binding technique

Sewn books are known for: high quality, resistance and longevity.

Thread sewing is forever

Thread sewing is a pure mechanical process not affected by inks, papers or environmental conditions.

User experience

The lay-flat property is an intrinsic characteristic of thread-sewn books even when made with a high number of signatures. It is not a matter of machine setting or operator ability.

Let’s see how thread sewing affect the user experience:

Super fast delivery

Thread sewing is ideal for the digital environment especially in comparison with other adhesive binding methods like PUR, where books need to rest overnight before being checked, while sewn books can be validated immediately for delivery.

Eco-friendly binding system

Book-sewing is environmentally friendly. Signatures are bound to each other by mean of a thread without any adhesive binding. Our solutions can also be used with threads made of 100% natural cotton.

Thread sewing is attractive

By using color or multiple threads you can personalized your product and make sewing stand out from the book.

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