Meccanotecnica provided Hochschule Der Medien with a Universe, automatic book sewing machine

30 Apr 2021

Hochschule der Medien is a State Applied Science University located in Stuttgart (Germany). Specialist and well-rounded media personnel are trained here.

Students from all over the world choose to attend this institute both for the vast range of courses offered and for the opportunity to get to know about several nationalities and different cultures. Meccanotecnica and Hochschule der Medien have been collaborating for several years and in 2020 we provided the German University with a Universe, automatic book sewing machine.

Aimed primarily at students in “Print Media Technologies” courses, our book sewing machine is also used across many other curricula (for example “Campaign Management”) for the implementation of different projects. The most recent of these is a fashion Look Book, “Younique”, realized for a well–known brand based in Stuttgart, named “Rispetto”. The book is the product of an extensive design and layout project and was thread sewn by our Universe.

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Universe, book sewing machine is the automatic sheet-fed solution for fast and versatile digital book production.

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