Efficiency in offset book production

Efficiency in offset book production
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01 Aug 2019

Technology advances through Uniplex-asterPRO gathering and sewing line

In this White Paper, we discuss the three key management issues that book manufacturers in the U.S. are facing, according to the State of the Industry Report published by BMI (Book Manufacturers Institute Inc.).

The U.S. Printing Industry is strong and improving year after year. The outlook for the future shows promising data thanks to a strong economic scenario and a consumer’s positive attitude towards print and physical books.

There will be significant opportunities for book manufacturers but also some challenges.

With Uniplex-asterPRO, Full Cycle® version, Meccanotecnica has taken steps to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, allowing bookbinders to address the three major issues highlighted below and explained in this white paper.


Labor shortage environment

The U.S. Printing Industry faces the challenge to operate in a labor shortage environment. The unemployment rate declined to a 49-year low in 2018. In Q4 2018, the jobless rate was 3.8 percent. The lowest rate since Q4 of 1969.

Factory Payroll

The major cost items for book printers are people and paper. The number one expenditure in relation to sales is total payroll cost, around 40%. Paper cost comprised an additional 25%.

Lack of skilled personnel

With the U.S. economy at full employment, labor is a challenge for most businesses. It is an even bigger challenge for the printing industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the printing and related support activities industry will have the fourth steepest decline in available labor of any industry, trailing the labor decline in the postal service, publishing, and wired telecommunication.

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