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After Sales Support

To ensure the highest customers’ satisfaction, we provide support with our best and most experienced engineers.

Hotline +49 6151 92840

The after-sales team provides technical support on-site, and through a hotline available from Monday to Thursday, 8.00 to 5.00 am, and Friday from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm (CET).

Remote service

Remote service connection is available on our solutions. If activated, “live” support is then performed by our engineers for online troubleshooting and remote diagnostics.

On-site installations and training

The after-sales team is responsible for on-site installations, tests, and training of customers’ personnel. Training takes place either at distributor/customer’s facilities or at our Head Office in Italy.
All our worldwide representatives have fully trained technicians to provide support at the highest standard.


Machine operation and maintenance

To operate and maintain machines at their best is important to ensure top performance through the years and prolong the “lifetime” of the equipment. Every machine features a software application for scheduled maintenance with detailed videos to facilitate operations.

Upon request, we can establish personalized service agreements in order to perform preventive maintenance and minimize downtime during peak production periods.


Original Spare Parts Supply

To have effective spare part management is the optimum approach to get maximum customer satisfaction.
Meccanotecnica’ s automated storage and retrieval system allows effective and quick parts management.
Available spare parts are shipped within 24h from request when urgent.

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