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21-24 September 2022

Meccanotecnica’s head office,
Torre de’ Roveri - Bergamo (Italy).


The “Open House” style industrial event aims to show visitors the latest technological innovations in bookbinding and share ideas and projects about the book industry’s future.

Every day, live demos will show you how to produce books more efficiently and cost-effectively.

At the heart of Lombardy, come to Bergamo for four days of networking and experience our high-performance digital and offset book finishing solutions.

Since the event is by invitation only, submit your request if you are interested in attending, and our team will contact you.

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Meccanotecnica reserves the right to evaluate the requests before acceptance.


The Last edition

The last edition of the event in 2018 has seen visitors from all over the world:

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Growing market competitiveness and price pressure is pushing digital printers and binders towards solutions capable of increasing efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing costs.

How can we be successful in a market that sees print runs progressively decline?

The answer to all these challenges is AUTOMATION, the game-changer and the key to optimize production processes.

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Automatic three-knife trimmer for the finishing of books printed in digital


A new Challenge

There is a new challenge, however, one that seems to be coming faster than most had anticipated: the lack of qualified labour to run printing and binding plants.

How can we address this issue and remain competitive and profitable?

The answer is not easy. Still, new strategies can help printers run the bindery with fewer operators thanks to the integration of the production processes or a transition towards digital printing and the adoption of new business models.

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Process Integration

Process Integration

The integration of the finishing processes brought by the Uniplex and Multiplex lines addresses this challenge increasing productivity, reducing the workforce, and lowering the unitary cost of the book.

These automatic gathering and sewing lines provide the most efficient way of producing books, eliminating intermediate handling and non-productive processes such as storage and transport of pre-gathered signatures.

Automatic Gathering and Sewing Line