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The Group in brief

Meccanotecnica Group is the world's leading manufacturer of automatic book-sewing machines and lines both for offset and digital printing for the industrial production of books.

The Group in details

Meccanotecnica S.p.A.

Torre de’ Roveri (Italy)

Head office and main manufacturing facility.
Book Automation Ltd.

New Milford - CT (USA)

Branch office (Sales and After Sales).
Aster Europe GmbH

Darmstadt (Germany)

Branch office (Sales and After Sales).
Aster (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen (China)

Branch office (Sales and After Sales).
Aster Polska Sp. z o.o.

Łódź (Poland)

Branch office (After Sales).

Aster and Universe Brands

Under the ASTER and UNIVERSE brands, we offer the widest range of book-sewing machines on the market.

From the fastest solution, asterTOP, to asterEL's “entry level” investment. From the cutting-edge gathering and sewing lines like Uniplex and Multiplex to the new solutions for digital print finishing like Universe, Sheet-fed and Web-fed.

Meccanotecnica's book sewing machine brand, Aster, is globally known as state-of-the-art technology as well as a guarantee of reliability and high level of performance.

Universe is the brand that encompasses the book-sewing machines for digital print finishing, either sheet-fed and web-fed.

Today Meccanotecnica counts numerous installations around the world: single units that meet every need, as well as sophisticated automatic gathering and sewing lines.

Solutions for book finishing

To maintain our position as a leading manufacturer of high-end bookbinding solutions, we embraced the changes made possible by technological innovation to extend our portfolio to cover the entire book production process.

The combination of Universe/Universe Web, Proxima, and Trimming is an efficient and cost-eff¬ective solution for hardcover book preparation in short runs, allowing automation and reducing workforce.

Corporate Videos

A brief video about the company, its facilities, and its specialization in book finishing solutions.

The subjects of this video are ultimately the people working for Meccanotecnica, the positive environment, and the know-how.

Research and development

Continuous innovation and premium engineering quality are the keys of our success. A large team of experienced engineers continuously works on new projects and software to meet bookbinders’ requirements.

New solutions are simulated and later tested under real conditions before they are approved for serial production.

In-house critical parts manufacturing facility

Meccanotecnica Group has a dedicated facility for in-house production of all major components. In our dedicated machine shop, three fully automated CNC centers along with other machine tools allow production of critical components, ensuring the highest quality control in every production phase.

State-of-the-art production technology = Higher quality for our customers.

Our Motto

This motto highlights our commitment towards innovation and expresses our belief that the BOOK, the printed one, is living a new rebirth, taking advantage of new business models that see a complementary use of different printing technologies (offset and digital), maintaining a key role in the FUTURE of the publishing industry and in our life.


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