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Quality and Environment

Meccanotecnica’s Quality Management System was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate in 2000. The system covers all stages of design, production, sale, and after-sales services. A few years later, the company was awarded the Environmental certification ISO 14001.

This is one more proof of the competent and professional service that Meccanotecnica has always offered to its customers.



Quality and Environmental Policy


MECCANOTECNICA's mission is to develop and deliver efficient book finishing solutions for printers/bookbinders: innovative solutions capable of creating added value for the customers that are the result of the company's unceasing efforts to listen to the market and to incorporate the technological developments it requires.


We have set ourselves the goal of maintaining our position as a leading manufacturer of high-end bookbinding machines. We do this by embracing the changes made possible by technological innovation to extend the number of solutions we offer and so cover the entire post-printing book production process.


In view of the context in which we operate, our Management is committed to:

  • pursuing total customer satisfaction with regard to both product quality and the excellence of the service we provide;
  • promoting mutual respect and loyalty in the workplace, as well as encouraging communication and collaboration and striving to achieve continuous personal and professional growth;
  • improving product quality and innovation to meet the needs of customers, the market and pertinent legal requirements;
  • establishing and maintaining good relations with suppliers based on mutual trust and co-operation, while also ensuring that all processes, products, and services meet company specifications;
  • meeting our compliance obligations arising from statutory requirements and any other obligations to which the company subscribes;
  • making the right choices to protect the environment, by preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of our processes and products;
  • setting specific targets for continuous improvement in line with this Environmental Policy;
  • guaranteeing the availability of all the resources needed to implement this Environmental Policy, to improve the Management System and to meet the set goals and targets, while also improving our environmental performance;
  • carefully managing the risks and opportunities linked to our business activities, at the same time bearing in mind the expectations of our stakeholders;
  • guaranteeing that we always embrace any changes requested by our stakeholders and that we manage such changes in a controlled fashion to achieve continuous improvement.
Meccanotecnica green soul

Placed near the beautiful Alps, surrounded by hills and vineyards, Meccanotecnica has an innate green soul.

This eco-friendly approach reaches our organization, our products and even the goods processed by our equipment.

Firstly, the company has earned the Environmental System Certification ISO 14001. Moreover, the entire Meccanotecnica range of book-sewing machines follows the very stringent RoHS regulations for which all the electronic devices are manufactured by mean of safe and recyclable materials. Additionally, our equipment features “stand-by” functions in order to reduce consumption and employs low power according to the strict European energy norms.

Furthermore, thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed in 2016 at the Critical Manufacturing facility of Pedrengo (Italy), 25% of the energy demand of the plant is covered by self-produced electricity.

With the use of solar energy, we reduce our carbon footprint and avoid every year the emission of 50 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.

To reduce even further our foot print: 95 % of the industrial waste we dispose of goes to recycling centers, we carry out periodic audits to our suppliers to evaluate not only qualitative but also environmental aspects and we are gradually upgrading the entire lighting system of the plants by installing LED lamps.

Finally, Meccanotecnica’s book-sewing machines work with a great variety of threads, including the one made of 100% natural cotton, making Aster the real eco-friendly binding system.

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