A new asterEL, automatic book sewing machine, installed in Uzbekistan

From the left: Mr. Ablaev Mukhiddin Sanaevich (Director of Sano Standart), Ms. Anna Kharina (Area Manager of Meccanotecnica) and Mr. Igor Rzheshevskiy (Managing Partner of SIKO group)
20 Jun 2019

The company invests in the book-sewing machine to produce high quality books

Sano Standart, based in Tashkent, is a publishing house and binding company with more than 15 years of experience both in the advertising and printing sectors.

They deal with the whole book production process: from the customer idea to the design and finishing of the book.

The main products of Sano Standart are books (like for example children books, manuals, guides, botanic books, cookbooks), newspapers, notebooks, brochures, formularies, business cards and labels.

“Our mission is to support our customers’ development with high-quality products” says Mr. Mukhiddin (Director of Sano Standart). “In order to grant this quality and differentiate from competitors, who are still working with semiautomatic machines, we were looking for a brand-new and reliable book-sewing machine”.

The book sewing machine was provided and installed by our local representative Siko Group.


asterEL, automatic book sewing machine

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