ARSprintmedia - Universe folding and book sewing machine

ARSprintmedia - Universe folding and book sewing machine
Case study
Thomas Martens Sales Director of ARSprintmedia.
06 May 2020

We love books! Personalized children books in runs of one with Universe, folding and book sewing machine

ARSprintmedia is a printing company based in Roermond, in the Netherlands. In the beginning of its digital experience, the company produced personalized chocolate boxes, and their first experience with books was with the creation of customizable detective stories.

Over the years the company has grown and now produces different types of printed products: from photographic to children books and novels, always with a view to maximum customization, in very short runs and often in single copies.

“I am very enthusiastic about the potential offered by digital printing technologies and the possibilities that are enabled by its combination with new devices such as smartphones. These mobile devices do not threaten the existence of books, but every day they make possible to produce thousands more, thanks to the enormous quantities of photographs now taken by users”, said Thomas Martens, one of the founders of ARSprintmedia. “New APPs, more intelligent and sophisticated than in the past, automatically and in just a few seconds, create photographic books with layouts which, until only a short while ago, could only be made by designers, enriched with useful information thanks to geo-localization systems”.

ARSprintmedia is the owner of the web-to-print portal from which it collects order and it is the “producer” partner of the gift portal and of software houses which develop APPs for photography. 


ARSprintmedia produced books by using perfect binding technique with PUR glue. They received sometimes complaints from customers due to some books losing pages. In fact, they were unable to check the glue adhesion for every job because the required time-to-market did not leave them enough time. They often had to deliver the order within 24 hours from its reception and books produced in PUR must rest for a few hours before being opened to make sure the glue has set properly.


Thomas and his partner Loek van Schijndel have been our customers since July 2018 with the purchase of the Universe sheet-fed, automatic book sewing machine, to produce digitally printed books.


Now, thanks to the Universe, folding and book sewing machine, the problem has been overcome. Thread sewing is a pure mechanical process not affected by inks, papers or environmental conditions and can be validated immediately for delivery with no resting time. Today the company produces about 350.000 books/year: 100.000 in soft cover and 250.000 in hard cover, all of them thread sewn.

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