ARSprintmedia invests in a brand new Universe Sewing

09 Oct 2018

ARSprintmedia combines print with digital to satisfy the demand of its customers

Arsprintmedia based in Roermond, Netherlands, combines print with digital to satisfy the demand of its customers. Thanks to the use of different website portals, the company allows to customize publishing contents and create your own book.
The digital printer and binder focused its strategy in the production of personalized hardcovers, especially children books.

Short delivery time and the premium quality of the final product are a must in the success of this kind of book production. This is the reason why Arsprintmedia has recently invested in Universe Sewing, automatic book folding and sewing unit, which is able to meet these requirements.
The solution allows cost-effective binding of short runs and guarantees the production of high-quality books, performing four processes on-the-fly: sheet feeding, scoring and folding, collating and sewing.
Moreover, the unit features the auto-programming function. Thanks to the barcode reader, the machine automatically learns book composition from the barcode printed on each sheet and allows running different jobs on-the-fly. This is ideal for the production of books with the same format but different page count.

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