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C&C Joint Printing CO., (H.K.) Ltd.
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C&C Group CEO Mr. Leung
25 Jun 2016

C&C steps into the future with Uniplex with asterTOP, a solution for unprecedented performances in book sewing

C&C is one of the leading international printers in Hong Kong, with a long history and good reputation.

Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, C&C is able to offer quality printing services and total printing solutions, to cope with the different needs of our customers. Since its establishment, C&C has become diversified in business scope, covering book printing, commercial printing, security printing, packaging printing; as well as web printing, digital printing, card printing, etc.

The company constantly updates its technology and renews its equipment to improve productivity and quality.


To boost the efficiency of the sewing process by reducing the labor force needed to produce books and at the same time increasing productivity.


After a successful introduction of a Uniplex with asterTOP, gathering & sewing system, one more unit have been added shortly after.

Thanks to a record speed of 18.000 cycles/h in combination with asterTOP, UNIPLEX provides an efficient way of producing sewn books.

The solution minimizes production costs by eliminating the intermediate handling and the non-productive processes as storage and transport of gathered signatures.

In a compact configuration, Uniplex is operated by just one person.


The process is now managed more efficiently and effectively, saving labor force and reaching the goal to increase productivity.


Case study

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