Digital Team - Universe, folding and book-sewing machine

Digital Team - Universe, folding and book-sewing machine
Case study
Marco Mariani (CEO of Digital Team) and in the background, Universe, automatic folding and book-sewing machine
11 Jun 2019

Digital Team's experience in the production of high-quality books printed in digital

Digital Team is a company founded in 1990 in Fano, Italy, active in digital printing, both cut sheets and continuous feed, and finishing.

The company mainly targets small and medium publishers, but part of its turnover comes from customers who, for their products require manuals and instruction booklets. Added to these activities is the color printing service, used by marketing, communication, graphic designers and printing agencies.

Digital Team can provide a wide range of advanced and customized printing solutions and finishing options: perfect binding, thread sewing, and saddle stitching.

"Our competitive advantage", emphasizes Mariani, "derives precisely from the variety of services that Digital Team is able to offer and from the possibility of internally carrying out the entire production cycle, in all its phases and in very tight deadlines. All this thanks to investments made to obtain maximum performance and quality”. The company produces about 1,7 million books a year, 700.000 of which thread sewn. The average run is 300 copies per title. Sewn production covers various application, including schoolbooks, essay, art, fashion and furnishing catalogs.


First, to satisfy market demand (publishers and communication agencies) that required digital production of thread-sewn books for quality works such as art, fashion and furnishing catalogs. Secondly, to be able to produce books with high grammage coated paper that presented issues such as loose pages if produced with perfect binding.


Two Universe, automatic folding and book-sewing machines. The first installed in 2012 and the second installed in 2016.


"We are satisfied with the investment made and in particular we appreciate the versatility of use, the constant quality of the book block and the general reliability of the machines that require little maintenance and technical assistance."

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