Druckerei C. H. Beck

Druckerei C. H. Beck
Case study
AsterPRO complemented with Sistema Pre-loader and Nipping Station
25 May 2016

Druckerei C. H. Beck improves the finishing operations with Meccanotecnica's asterPRO complemented with a Nipping Station

Druckerei C. H. Beck is a high-tech printing company founded by Carl Gottlob Beck in 1763. Since its establishment, Druckerei C.H.Beck has become specialized in the production of books, loose-leaf publications, periodicals, and electronic publications.

After entering the world of multimedia and starting the hardcover production, the company also provides consulting and support in the entire publishing environment, managing content, and data on a cross-media basis.

Druckerei C. H. Beck is able to produce 26 million books each year, from paperbacks to a wide variety of boxed sets, and also the production of loose-leaf publications has high priority in the company, with an annual production in this area that corresponds approximately to 5 million copies.


To obtain a perfect pressing of the sewn book blocks and make them ready for the next processing operations.


Two asterPRO complemented with Sistema Pre-loader and Nipping Station.


The Nipping Station, connected with asterPRO, ensures a strong and heavy force to form perfectly squared book spines. This reduces the thickness and it makes significantly easier to stack the high-quality book blocks ready for the remaining finishing operations.


Case study

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