Efficiency in offset book production

Efficiency in offset book production
23 Mar 2022

Automatic gathering and sewing lines are the most efficient solution for producing thread-sewn books, minimizing production costs.

The outlook for the printing industry’s future shows promising data thanks to a reader’s positive attitude towards print and physical books. Over the next years, there will be significant opportunities for book manufacturers but also some challenges, mainly related to management issues such as the lack of skilled personnel and the increasingly high production costs.

The integration of the finishing processes brought by the Uniplex and Multiplex lines addresses these challenges increasing productivity, reducing the workforce, and lowering the unitary cost of the book. These automatic gathering and sewing lines provide the most efficient way of producing books, eliminating intermediate handling and non-productive processes such as storage and transport of pre-gathered signatures.

Uniplex combines 4-station gathering modules connected to one automatic book sewing machine such as asterPRO, asterPRO52, or asterTOP, while Multiplex allows to connect up to three automatic book sewing machines.

The format change-over on the gathering line is easy and quick. The width of the hoppers is set simultaneously according to the signature spine length. At the same time, the transport channel, the stacker at the delivery of the gathering machine, the feeding station, and the gripper require no manual set-up.


Uniplex and Multiplex can be connected to the AsterPRO Full Cycle, which allows the sewing of books without blind stitches, increasing efficiency and productivity without compromising book quality.

The thread is locked mechanically, without interrupting the sewing process, and in compliance with the highest standard of the book industry.

This innovative technology is a must for producing books with a low number of signatures.


Watch the new Uniplex video and discover all the features.

Legacy VS integrated production workflow.


Nipping stations can be integrated downstream the gathering and sewing line upon request. This book block finishing system with a special 4-tons press reduces the spine’s build-up and makes easier the stacking for the remaining finishing operations.

Nipping is especially important when producing sewn book blocks with a high number of signatures. The system improves the quality of the spine, eliminating issues in the following finishing processes.


Watch the video of Multiplex with two aster book sewing machines with integrated Nipping presses.

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