First Inline Installed in Russia

First Inline Installed in Russia
11 Apr 2018

Printing House BukiVedi has recently installed a new Inline, modular and multifunctional book finishing line

Printing House BukiVedi of Moscow is the first company in Russia that has installed Inline, modular and multifunctional book finishing line. The company has a solid experience in the book industry and every year produces a significant amount of soft and hardcover books, monographies, photo and luxury books.

With the aim to produce books-on-demand, BukiVedi has already installed two Universe Sewing for digital print finishing provided by our local representative Siko Group.

"From the introduction of the new machine different opportunities are opening in front of us. We can now produce small orders with higher quality allowing our company to be more flexible and to use our production capacity and manpower in a rational and efficient way. Shortly after the installation, we made different jobs with a faster turnaround and already noticed the benefits from this investment" said the managing director Mr. Mihail Avramenko.

Inline is able to prepare sewn book blocks for the casing-in process, to produce books with the application of soft covers or to perfect bind loose sheets or signatures.

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