Grafisches Centrum Cuno – Uniplex for offset print finishing

Grafisches Centrum Cuno – Uniplex for offset print finishing
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From the left: Mr. Thomas Keim, Mr. Manfred Cuno and Mr. Christoph Kreiser
15 Nov 2022

Grafisches Centrum Cuno is an efficient full-service provider in the book industry, from printing to binding for the production of books, catalogs, and magazines.

Grafisches Centrum Cuno is based in Calbe, Germany. It was founded in 1957 by Wilhelm Cuno, and today, his son Manfred runs the company.

"From a small print shop with just ten employees, we have developed into an efficient full-service provider in the graphic industry. One of our strengths is recognizing the market's needs at an early stage. With this knowledge and our experience in producing books, we offer solutions to help our customers differentiate from their competitors", says Mr. Kreiser, CEO of the company.

"We offer our customers the entire range of services of a modern industrial printer and binder, from the expertise in developing innovative products to efficient production and delivery".


"We always want to improve, and we want to be even more diverse, more imaginative, and more efficient. For this purpose, we will continue to invest in new equipment and propose new ideas and concepts to help shape the printed media of the future".


"In the past, we had to gather the printed signatures and bind them with stand-alone machines. To increase our efficiency, we wanted to integrate the two processes. We have, therefore, compared the three European manufacturers able to provide this kind of solution".


"Meccanotecnica has achieved the best performance and was the most competitive in terms of operating costs and spare parts supply. We invested a few years ago in our first gathering and sewing line, Uniplex-asterTOP. More recently, we followed up with a second line Uniplex-asterPRO."


"Thanks to the integration of the processes, we minimized production and labor costs. At the same time, we increased our production volume by 30%", says Mr. Kraiser.

"We offer thread sewing as a bookbinding option because the market demands it. We produce a variety of applications that require a durable and high-quality binding system, such as: children, reference, school, and art books".


Case study

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