Hucais Printing - Sheet-fed Digital

Hucais Printing - Sheet-fed Digital
Case study
One of Hucais production facilities
25 May 2016

Hucais Group “brings print into every household” thanks to Digital Printing and Universe Sewing

Hucais Printing Group is a leading global company founded by Mr. Chen in 1988.
The Group has entered the top ten printing companies in China and is one of the biggest digital printers in Asia. Thanks to a strong net of nine branches and over 4.000 people, the Company provides personalized printing and “bring print into every household” as the founder aimed just a few years back.
Most recently the Group entered the new third board NEEQ Beijing stock market.


To boost the efficiency of the digital print finishing process by reducing the labor force needed to produce books and at the same time increasing productivity.


After a successful introduction of a Universe, five more units have completed the upgrading of the sewing division.

The UNIVERSE, book sewing machine, allows digital printers, publishers and trade binderies to get top book finishing quality within short to medium runs production of digitally printed books. The most common applications are variable content publications as photo books and yearbooks and catalogs of luxury brands.


Each unit delivers now more than 50.000 books per months, with the best binding quality and consistency. The process is now managed more efficiently and effectively, saving labor force and reaching the goal to increase productivity.

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