Hucais Printing - Web-fed Digital

Hucais Printing - Web-fed Digital
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Hucais Printing high quality bookbinding division
19 Mar 2018

Hucais printing boosts high quality digital book production with three Universe Sewing Web-Fed

Hucais Printing Group is one of the top 10 printing company in China and one of the biggest digital printer in Asia. The company has already seven Universe Sewing Sheet-Fed in operation, producing thousands of high-quality lay-flat sewn books every day. Among them, the most common applications are hardcover higher education and out-of-prints-books.


To manage the digital book production of short and medium runs in a cost-effective way, integrating the operations of unwinding and cutting of the rolls.


After the introduction of two Universe Sewing Web-fed, automatic book folding and sewing units together with Inline, modular and multifunctional back gluing line, another sewing unit was purchased to complete the productivity boost of the digital division.


After the installation of the Universe Sewing Web-Fed units, the digital print finishing process is more efficient thanks to the reduction of manpower and the increase of productivity. This means less work to load the machines, less space to stockpiles of sheets and less paper handling between printing and sewing.

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