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Iiden Printing
Case study
A creative book produced by Iiden Printing
05 Oct 2017

Iiden Printing delivers creative book binding thanks to Meccanotecnica's Universe Sewing

Iiden Printing, established in 2007, is the shop where an ordinary person finds his unique book.
Mr. Choi's strategy was to differentiate from its competitors by offering creative and customized products.
For this reason, the company invested in a Universe Sewing that has been installed in the company showroom because according to Mr. Choi: "it is important to show to the end-user the book sewing process and the countless creative applications that allows".


The challenge was to produce attractive and creative books, like open spine, personalized diaries, photobooks, etceteras.


One Universe Sewing, automatic folding and book-sewing unit.


The company has now access to the new market of high quality and design books.

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