Introducing the New Perfect Binder Sirio

Introducing the New Perfect Binder Sirio
24 Nov 2023

Meccanotecnica Group, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of industrial book-finishing machines, is delighted to introduce the highly anticipated Sirio Perfect Binder, a groundbreaking advancement in bookbinding technology. This cutting-edge solution provides unmatched efficiency, precision, and versatility while producing high-quality, perfect-bound books in short or ultra-short runs.

The highest performance in its category

The Sirio Perfect Binder is the most productive in its category for ultra-short runs and book-of-one production.

The unique and patented drive system disengages the three independent clamps at the loading and unloading stations without stopping production. At the same time, book size adjustments are automatic, eliminating the need for manual operation.

This level of automation and performance leads to a whole new level of productivity and guarantees the utmost production efficiency. The binder runs at a maximum speed of 1350 cycles per hour with an effective production of ultra-short runs of 1090 books/hour.


Sirio, heavy-duty perfect binder.

Premium production quality

The Sirio Perfect binder offers several distinct features to ensure the highest book quality.

Each station has been designed to set a new standard in the category: the jogging table, the clamps, the milling tool, the glue application systems, the creasing shafts, the finishing press, and the unloading station have unique features that positively affect the final product quality.

Heavy-duty binder for 24/7 production environments

SIRIO is a 3-ton binder built on a stable, rigid, heavy frame. This design guarantees higher precision processes and a longer machine lifespan.


The Sirio binder has advanced computer hardware and software, significantly extending its lifespan. An industrial PC controls its functions, while a 17-inch touchscreen monitor presents all data graphically for a user-friendly experience. This interface enables straightforward operations, quick setup, and minimal training requirements.

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