Legatoria Pavan – asterPRO, automatic book sewing machine

Legatoria Pavan – asterPRO, automatic book sewing machine
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Giovanni Cassini (Area manager - Meccanotecnica), Fabio and Adriano Pavan (owners of the bindery), Massimo Resentera (sales rep. - Meccanotecnica) and Michele Antonello (bindery operator); in the background, asterPRO, automatic book sewing machine
04 Nov 2019

The experience of Legatoria Pavan in the production of high-quality books

Legatoria Pavan was founded in 1979 as a laboratory specialized in the binding of leather albums. Over the years, following a progressive increase in work, it has grown and become an industrial bookbinding machine company equipped with high-performance machinery.

“We produce 1.65 million books a year, all thread-sewn. 75% of the production is paperback while the remaining 25% is in hard cover”, says Adriano Pavan, founder and owner of the company.

The books produced by Legatoria Pavan are characterized by high quality and attention to detail and range from furniture and fashion catalogs to publications for design companies based in the region.


“We have been users of thread sewing machines of the aster brand for many years and when the time came to renew the existent machines, the choice fell on the solutions offered by Meccanotecnica which are known for their reliability and versatility”.


“asterPRO, automatic book sewing machine is the solution chosen to guarantee the quality of our products”.


“We are very satisfied with the investment, it is a solution that has proved to be up to expectations, able to guarantee a high production capacity and an equally rapid make-ready time”.

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