Manufacturing quality without compromises

Manufacturing quality without compromises
An in-house produced camshaft by Meccanotecnica for its bookbinding machines
23 Jul 2020

Discover more about Meccanotecnica’s dedicated facility for critical component manufacturing

At Meccanotecnica we know that excellence in product manufacturing is important to give our customers highly reliable and sturdy machines. To achieve the goal to provide superior products we follow every step of the production process. In our dedicated facility, three fully automated CNC machining centers along with other machine tools allow the production of critical components, ensuring the highest manufacturing quality in every production phase.

Moreover, the new Metrology Lab is now equipped with the new Global S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) by Hexagon, which delivers higher measurement precision and productivity.

The benefits delivered to Meccanotecnica’s customers are clear:

  • State-of-the-art production technology = Higher quality for our customers.
  • Unmatched reliability.
  • Longer product life cycle thanks to unparalleled durability.
  • A higher level of performance.

The new Metrology lab

In the climate-controlled environment of the Metrology lab, every single critical component of our machines is thoroughly measured and verified before being validated for assembling.

The new measuring machine

The new Global S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) by Hexagon features accurate high-speed scanning that guarantees the highest accuracy.

In-house critical parts manufacturing facility

Meccanotecnica Group has a dedicated facility for in-house production of all major components. In this video the installation of the new CNC machining center by MCM.

Aster and Universe brands

This is why brands like ASTER™ and UNIVERSE™ are now globally known as a guarantee of reliability, durability, and high level of performance with hundreds of book sewing machines installed worldwide for both offset and digital print finishing. This is also the ground from which we will build the bookbinding machines of the future.

Our motto

Book...your future with us!

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