Meccanotecnica's eco-friendly approach

Meccanotecnica's eco-friendly approach
National Tree Day was established by the Ministry of the Environment
21 Nov 2020

National tree day 2020

Today 21 November is the national day of trees in Italy. Its purpose is to promote the protection of the environment, the reduction of pollution, and the planting of new trees.

Meccanotecnica also adopts an eco-compatible approach in pursuing its mission of developing and supplying solutions for bookbinding capable of creating value for the customer. We have adopted an Environmental Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO14001:2005 standard which passed the recertification visit just a few days ago. The environmental objectives that we set ourselves range from the reduction of noise emissions in the external environment to the reduction of energy consumption, also through its production through renewable sources.

Thanks to the photovoltaic system installed, in operation since 2016 at one of the production sites, we have now avoided the emission of 235 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed by more than 6,000 trees.

Last but not least, the book sewing machines produced by Meccanotecnica can use a wide variety of threads, including those in 100% cotton, which makes the binding system they use for the production of books truly eco-friendly.


With the use of solar energy, we reduce our carbon footprint and avoid every year the emission of 50 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Book-sewing is environmentally friendly. Signatures are bound to each other by means of threads without any adhesive binding. Our solutions can also be used with threads made of 100% natural cotton.

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