NINO Druck GmbH - Universe, folding and book sewing machine

NINO Druck GmbH - Universe, folding and book sewing machine
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From the left: Stefano Formentini (Meccanotecnica Marketing Manager), Michael Schmid (NINO Druck Head of Digital Printing) and Gianluca Negro (Meccanotecnica Area Manager).
23 Jan 2020

Highly personalized diaries in runs of one

NINO Druck GmbH is a forefront German commercial printer that operates in 4 divisions: Offset, Digital, Web-to-print, and Crossmedia. Based in the Rhineland-Palatinate State, NINO Druck employs more than 160 people and thanks to digital printing is exploiting new possibilities offering its customers significant benefits in terms of personalization, speed, lead time and efficiency.

The company, established in 1988, operates several sheet-fed digital printing machines, with toner technology and produces among other products: photo books, personalized diaries and notebooks in short runs down to one book. Print-on-demand and web-to-print services are also a core business enabling BtoB customers such as publishers and print shops to take advantage of new publishing models and print only when needed.


“One of our customers had to produce personalized diaries and notebooks in ultra-short runs. Its main request was that the books had to withstand at least one year of daily use and wear. With the existing perfect binder we could not guarantee such durability” says Michael Schmid, Head of Digital Printing.


“The automatic book sewing machine for digital printing Universe was the right solution for our problem.” Thread sewing has no rivals in terms of resistance and longevity. It is a purely mechanical process not affected by inks, papers or environmental conditions. Moreover, thread sewing is ideal for digital printers with a very short time-to-market. Books can be opened and validated as soon as they are produced and are immediately ready for delivery.


“Thanks to Universe, we are now producing personalized diaries in runs down to one book. These books contain highly personalized details such as birthdays, important events, notes and anniversaries already printed on the pages. Such information is collected through online portals, we receive the order and deliver to the final customer. The hardcover is also personalized with initials and inscriptions. These are truly unique books. Moreover, the new solution has demonstrated its value also for other applications. We now produce with the Universe, photobooks with a high number of pages; this ensures once again durability and excellent haptic user experience”, says Michael Schmid, “We are very satisfied with the Universe. Production quality is consistent, the machine is reliable and change over time is highly automated and quick.”

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