Peeters - Universe Web, automatic book sewing machine and Nipping system

Peeters - Universe Web, automatic book sewing machine and Nipping system
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From the left: Chris Vissenaekens (bindery operator), Gerard Van den Hoven (Meccanotecnica Sales Representative), Gianluca Negro (Meccanotecnica Area Manager) and Luc Peeters (Peeters Managing Director). In the background: Universe Web and Nipping System
20 Jan 2020

We are going to produce books in a totally different way!

Peeters is an international printer, bookstore, and publishing business based in Leuven (Belgium). The company established more than 150 years ago to serve the academic community by printing and publishing books and journals is now a modern, sustainable and innovative business and a trendsetter in the graphic industry. Peeters is now producing books with digital printing, it has an online webshop to collect orders from both individuals and companies in small and large quantities ( and it is strongly committed to the automation of the processes.

“When I understood the potential of digital printing and the impact on the publishing business models, I decided to make the transition from the offset and transform the company into a fully digital printing house. I gathered all the employees and said: we are going to produce books in a totally different way!” says Luc Peeters (managing director). “We now produce about 650.000 books per year in short and ultra-short runs, all of them thread sewn”.

The vision of Luc Peeters is to have a fully automatic book production with a workflow capable of efficiently managing short runs with the minimum number of workers on the production floor. That is why, together with the Dataline MIS/ERP software, MultiPress, and Meccanotecnica’s book finishing solutions, Peeters is quickly moving towards that goal. The system collects important production information and automates decisions such as: which production line to use, how to make the book (number of pages per signatures), cover format and position of scoring lines, the imposition of the pdf file and JDF creation to send information to the production floor.


“We were looking for bookbinding machines capable of producing high-quality books directly from the roll, to increase productivity and integrate post-press processes”.


“We had already a Universe, sheet-fed book sewing machine, in production since 2016. We were satisfied with quality, reliability and production capability. The choice, therefore, went towards Universe Web and Nipping system that in the current configuration guarantees a higher degree of automation and an increase in productivity”.


Universe Web and Nipping system guarantee flowless high-quality book production. Universe Web runs different jobs on-the-fly, producing thread-sewn book blocks that are automatically delivered to the Nipping system. This allows the integration of sewing and nipping in one process. The system presses the sewn book block up to 4.000 kg, reducing the thickness of the spine, especially for high-signature-count books and guarantees constant book block quality while minimizing the labor force.

“The Dataline MIS/ERP software Multipress is the powerful backbone of this setup. It enables JDF/JMF communication and automates the entire workflow”.

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