Print Sprint - Universe, automatic book sewing machine for digital printing

Print Sprint - Universe, automatic book sewing machine for digital printing
Case study
Davide Romagnoli, Print Sprint Marketing and Communication Manager
08 Sep 2020

Delivery of books within 24 hours from the order with Universe, automatic book sewing machine for digital printing

Print Sprint is a modern reality in digital printing and finishing that has its roots in 30 years of experience in the world of graphic arts. At the beginning of its history, the company found its success in prepress services, supplying offset printers with printing plates produced with modern CTP (Computer-To-Plate) machines, distinguishing itself in the market for the speed of supply.

The success allowed the entrepreneur and founder Eduardo Romagnoli, together with his son Davide, to diversify the business by investing in digital printing since its inception and in finishing machinery to produce thread-sewn books in short runs. Being innovators is in the DNA of the company, one of the first in Italy to invest in this new technology with the purchase of a KRISTEC in 2010, the first book sewing machine in the world for digital printing and another innovation brought you by Meccanotecnica.

The time is ripe and in 2019 Print Sprint makes important investments to strengthen both the printing and the book finishing department. New technologies such as web inkjet printing and the UNIVERSE series of thread sewing machines radically transform the concept of productivity and competitiveness with offset printing and print runs ranging from 500 to 2,000 copies. The area in which digital printing becomes competitive is expanding and new needs are born or created.

Speed has always been a distinctive element of the company, well reflected in its name, which is transformed into a motto. This competitive factor allows Print Sprint to differentiate itself on the market, providing publishers with very high levels of service that were unthinkable until a few years ago, with book deliveries within 24 hours from the order, as a standard.


The speed factor or more precisely the time-to-market is of extreme importance for Print Sprint,” says Eduardo Romagnoli, founder of the company. "It is what differentiates us on the market, together with the quality of our products".

The challenge that the company had to face was to serve publishers in a very short time, managing a growing number of orders for books in runs of 200 to 1,000 copies, with delivery within 24 hours. However, the finishing department with the KRISTEC book sewing machine, still fully functional, was unable to manage these levels of service and productivity.


The new UNIVERSE, book sewing machine, proved to be the solution able to meet these needs. The versatility of use, the reliability, and the levels of performance it can achieve (500 sheets/minute as a constant feed speed) were decisive in the choice. A few months after the installation of the first UNIVERSE, a second book sewing machine was installed to double the production capacity that had already been saturated by the requests of the publishers.


The two UNIVERSE machines currently produce around 1,000 books a day each (with an average foliation of 500 pages) at a sheet feeding speed of 150 m/minute, helping to strengthen Print Sprint's positioning on the market as a cutting-edge partner, offering quality thread-sewn books, printed with the latest digital technologies, and able to offer levels of service that exceed the expectations of its customers.

We were able to create the need in publishers who were used to much longer production times and not to consider the cost of a book in its entire life cycle”, concludes Eduardo Romagnoli.

Furthermore, thread sewing, offered as a binding standard by Print Sprint, guarantees the absence of pages coming loose, given the high foliation of the books produced and consequently the maximum satisfaction of the publishers.

Main book production

The exam-preparation manuals for public competitions are among the books produced by Print Sprint. In the image an edition of 1,296 pp., 41 signatures (32 pages). Dimensions: 23.5 x 16 cm and 63 mm spine.

5 key business benefits

Universe gives 5 key business benefits:

  • Highly reliable binding (thread sewing);
  • Revenue increase (more productivity);
  • Versatility, flexibility and quality;
  • Ease-of-use (Universe machines);
  • Proven reliability.


Case study

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