Rotolito Graphic Industries – Multiplex-asterPRO/52 gathering and sewing line with Full Cycle™ technology

Rotolito Graphic Industries – Multiplex-asterPRO/52 gathering and sewing line with Full Cycle™ technology
Case study
Mr. Emanuele Bandecchi, Sales & Marketing Director of Rotolito Graphic Industries, in the background the Multiplex gathering and sewing line and the palletizer Mini-Pluton
11 May 2021

Rotolito is one of the largest printers and binders in Europe and a long-standing partner of Meccanotecnica and Solema

Rotolito was established more than 40 years ago in Cernusco sul Naviglio near Milan, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Paolo Bandecchi, current President and CEO. From a small company of eight employees with just one printing press to produce the famous Italian comic book Diabolik, it has now grown to become one of the largest printers and binders in Europe with the best technologies for printing and finishing.

Over the years, numerous acquisitions allowed Rotolito to expand its activities, diversify the production and meet the changing demand of its international customers. One of the most important developments includes the acquisition of Nava Press in 2014: a historic Milan - based company with in–house expertise and facilities to provide printing services to luxury, fashion, and design industries and professional consultancy.

Further milestones are the acquisition of Canale in Romania in June 2020 and, most recently, the merger of Inprint - Litorama announced at the beginning of 2021. This company is specialized in commercial and editorial printing with a fleet of rotary and sheetfed presses, including one for very large formats.

Rotolito now produces, in its ten production sites, a wide range of products: fashion and sports magazines, catalogs, flyers for large-scale distribution, and books for all sectors of publishing, in both color and black and white.

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We believe that, when a publisher entrusts a book to Rotolito, it’s like if he is giving us his creation. This is why we provide our customers with our most advanced skills and printing technologies”, says Emanuele Bandecchi. “Our strengths are the in-house bookbinding departments that make us completely autonomous in production and able to meet delivery times. We have finishing lines dedicated to digital printing and lines for the production of thread-sewn or perfect bound books, both hardcover and softcover.


"We produce every year millions of books, it is therefore very important for us to keep our competitiveness in the market and offer large and small publishing houses the best possible service. For this matter, we needed to retool one of our gathering and sewing lines with a more modern and efficient solution."


The Multiplex gathering and sewing line with two asterPRO/52 book sewing machines featuring the Full Cycle™ Technology proved to be the right solution. The highly automatic line is also connected to Solema’s palletizer Mini-Pluton.


The new asterPRO/52 book sewing machines, integrated into the Multiplex gathering line, feature the Full Cycle™ technology. Thanks to the new patented system, for every book produced, one machine cycle is saved. This increases efficiency by allowing the sewing of books without the lock stitch. The Mini-Pluton by Solema, connected downstream automates the palletizing process, reducing labor costs.

The whole line is now managed by only two operators.

Business benefits

  • Highly reliable binding (thread sewing)
  • Revenue increase (more productivity)
  • Cost savings (higher efficiency and integrated processes)
  • Ease-of-use (aster machines)
  • Sewing quality (no thermal fusion)

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