Scandinavian Print Group - Universe, folding and book sewing machine

Scandinavian Print Group - Universe, folding and book sewing machine
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From the left: Wanessa Kistela (Bookbindery operator), Erich Koschek (Sales Director, Aster Europe) and Karol Olszewski (Production Manager)
18 Sep 2019

High-quality photobook production with Universe, automatic book sewing machine for digital printing

Scandinavian Print Group based in Szczecin (Poland) is part of A/S with headquarters in Århus (Denmark).

LaserTryk, the main company, was founded in 1999 as a digital printing shop focusing on the production of marketing material for the entertainment industry and quickly grew to an international group of companies with a much larger scope of production.

Today the group has 40.000 business customers and 55.000 private customers from where it comes most of the revenue for the so-called “photo products”: books, calendars, canvases, posters, through the web portal

Scandinavian Print Group was established in 2017 and has immediately seen a rapid expansion in the production of books printed in offset and digital, taking advantage of the strategic position of Szczecin to cover requests from many European countries.

“If we consider both printing technologies, we produce 4 million books a year, 50% of them thread-sewn”, says Mr. Tom Sandersen (Production manager).


“We wanted to produce high quality photobooks and we were looking for a long-lasting binding technique that works with glossy paper and that it is easy to open and lay flat”.


“Two Universe, automatic folding and book sewing machines were the right solution for our needs. The first one was installed in 2017, followed by the second a year later”.


“The Universe is very easy to set-up, change over time is short and the new version, installed in 2018 is also 25% more productive than the first machine”, says Mr. Sandersen. “Thread-sewing is very sturdy and perfect for high-quality products”.

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