The fiction book (Lay flat property)

The fiction book (Lay flat property)
A footage taken from the fiction book video
27 Jul 2020

A series of short videos promoting the qualities and properties of sewn books

This video promotes the lay-flat property or the ability of the book to remain flat on a surface when opened. It is not a matter of machine settings or operator ability but an intrinsic quality of thread sewn books!

You are in your cozy home, finally a moment of rest and relaxation and you can enjoy your beautiful fictional book while sipping a cup of tea…what can it turn wrong?” 

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Discover how a moment of relaxation can take an unexpected turn in the blink of an eye. 


Thread sewing is a purely mechanical process not affected by inks, papers, or environmental conditions.

The lay-flat property

The lay-flat property is an intrinsic characteristic of thread-sewn books even when made with a high number of signatures. It is not a matter of machine setting or operator ability.


Thread sewing is ideal for the digital environment especially in comparison with other adhesive binding methods like PUR, where books need to rest overnight before being checked, while sewn books can be validated immediately for delivery.

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