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Backgluing machine: the cost-effective solution for hardcover book preparation and softcover application

Inline allows hardcover book preparation and paperback production of thread sewn books, integrating several processes such as the nipping of the spine, the end papering, the back and side gluing, the lining and/or cover feeding.

This cost-effective solution allows to automate high-quality book production and reduce manpower.

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Gluing techniques: Hotmelt

Soft cover or hard cover preparation

Inline Processes

  • Hardback preparation
  • Paperbacks
  • Lay-flat binding

Hard back preparation

While processing books for the casing-in, INLINE handles blocks with different thickness on the fly. Two thickness-reading devices automatically set up the machine, reducing the make-ready time to a few seconds. The first, located at the in-feed, reads the book thickness and automatically sets the width of the transport channel. The second, located after the end-papering module, reads the spine thickness for fine adjustments of the glue application. This makes the line the right solution for digital printing and print-on-demand.

Lay flat binding

Optionally, the line performs the LAY FLAT binding. This technique makes the spine less rigid, improving the lay-flat property of a paperback.


Inline features a compact cover feeder unit with automatic scoring bars that allow the creasing on both sides of the cover. An improved vacuum system guarantees the precise feeding of the covers including those with large format.

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Inline, backgluing machine

More productivity

Thanks to the new glue application system with rollers and rotating spinner, hotmelt glue is properly applied on the book spine. Glue set-up is easier, and parameters such as viscosity and pressure are not needed, saving make ready time. When processing books for hard cover preparation, the new system allows to manage up to 30 books/min with spine thickness variability.

Integrated 4 tons nipping station (exclusive)

The new station has been especially designed to ensure the pressing of books up to 4 tons. This exclusive and integrated process reduces the thickness of the block, forms a perfectly squared spine, and guarantees higher quality products.

Business benefits

  • Cost savings (integration of processes)
  • Revenue increase (more productivity)
  • Multifunctionality (hardcover and softcover)
  • Premium quality (for thread sewn books)
  • Reliability (high standard of construction)

Sewing and book block finishing...all in one

From the Roll to the Book...on-the-fly


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