Sirio – Perfect binder

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Perfect binder for digital print finishing

Sirio is a heavy-duty industrial perfect binder for softcover book production in short runs, down to a single book. What sets the Sirio apart is its unique, patented drive system, which enables it to run up to 1350 cycles per hour.

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Sirio – Perfect binder

Speed: 1350 cycles/h

Automatic size change

Soft cover application

Official Sirio teaser

Watch the teaser of the Sirio and contact us for more information.

Unique drive system

When loading and unloading book blocks, the drive system disengages the three independent clamps without stopping production.

Cover feeder and creasing station

The covers are pulled directly from the bottom of the pile allowing the hopper to be refilled during production. The cover feeder features two creasing shafts, one for each side of the cover, exerting even pressure for higher book quality.

Processes integration

The Sirio perfect binder can be connected to Meccanotecnica's three-knife trimmer to increase productivity. When these two machines are combined, they offer an exclusive capability to produce books with folded-in flaps.

Business benefits

  • Premium quality
  • Revenue increase
  • Ease-of-use
  • 100% book integrity
  • Cost savings

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