4+4+LAP Opening Head

Optional - Book Sewing

Device for maximum opening versatility

The feeder is equipped with a standard opening head device that features 2 top and 2 bottom programmable vacuum openers and a built-in lap opener.

Available upon request the sealed opening head can feature 4 top and 4 bottom vacuum openers for maximum opening versatility. The small opening angle results in reliable and gentle opening action.

This is particularly useful when opening signatures with weak perforations. Standard equipment also includes the built-in Lap opener, a programmable device for mechanical opening of signatures with high and low folio lap. The Lap opener is particularly helpful with come-and-go signatures.

The minimum lap required is 8 mm. For porous end-sheets, there is a special Venturi-type blower on the first two top suckers. It creates an air cushion between the sheet to be picked up and the one underneath, thus avoiding double pick-ups.

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