Book-Art – asterEVO for offset print finishing

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Left: Mr. Keisuke Konishi (President) - Right: Mr. Toru Kawashima (Chief)
25 Oct 2022

BOOK-ART invests in 2 asterEVO to increase productivity and guarantee top-quality products

Founded in 1950 by Mr. Sennosuke Ishige, BOOK-ART is located in the heart of Tokyo: the Kanda area. It is one of the leading Japanese companies in the traditional pocket-diary manufacturing and notebook business, distinguishing itself for its high-quality products and good reputation.

Since its establishment, BOOK-ART has been continuously growing. The company saw its first significant expansion at the end of the ‘70s, followed by the opening of a 2nd factory in the ‘90s, and the 3rd one in 2019, proving its achievements and the result of continuous innovation.

BOOK-ART constantly invests in research and development. They have recently patented a new technology called “Spin Aru”. This technology allows the trimming-processing of book blocks containing a ribbon without cutting it.


Besides PUR production, BOOK-ART wanted to offer books with excellent robustness and opening.

The footprint of the machines was also a critical factor due to the limited space available on the factory floor.


Two asterEVO, book sewing machines, were found to be the optimum solution thanks to:

  • The properties of thread sewing technology guarantee the best quality and durability of the diaries and notebooks BOOK-ART wanted to offer.
  • The small footprint of just 4,3 sqm.


The two asterEVO are now being used to produce diaries and notebooks with evident results in improved efficiency and increased production.


Case study

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