LegoDigit - Universe Web, book-sewing machine

LegoDigit - Universe Web, book-sewing machine
Case study
Alessandro Leto (LegoDigit Managing Director) and in the background, Universe Web, automatic folding and book-sewing machine
29 May 2019

The experience of LegoDigit in the production of books with thin papers and Universe Web, automatic folding and book-sewing machine

LegoDigit is a digital printing company founded in 2013 in Lavis, in the province of Trento, focused in the production of books with continuous feed inkjet printers in runs ranging from 10 to 1,500 copies.

«The company grows both in terms of turnover and books produced,» says Alessandro Leto, managing director, «in 2018 we supplied about 2 million books, all digitally printed and thread-sewn».

The company positions itself on the market as a reliable partner for publishers who need quality books, in short, and medium runs, so as to respond in a timely manner to market demand. The strategic goal for LegoDigit is to become the "virtual store" of the publisher who, in this way, it is able to reduce storage and pulping costs, considerably cutting the overall cost of the entire life cycle of a book.


To produce quality sewn books, starting from digitally printed reels of thin paper (down to a minimum of 40 grams).


The new Universe Web integrates unwinding and cutting processes, allowing cost-effective binding of short and medium runs and the production of high-quality books.

The line reduces production costs by minimizing labor force and eliminating non-productive steps such as paper cutting, stacking, and handling.


«We are satisfied with the new line. Thanks to Universe Web we are now able to produce books on thin paper such as codes, religious books, and tourist guides. The print-finishing combination that is determined lets us reaching high-quality levels overall» says Alessandro Leto, «Furthermore, the absence of buckle folders removes the imposition limit of a 16-page, allowing variable composition of the book so as to reduce or even eliminate the number of blank pages within it».

«With the new line,» continues Leto, «we have access to a new market and we respond even better to the requests of the publishers».


Case study

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