Logo - Universe, automatic folding and book sewing machine

Logo - Universe, automatic folding and book sewing machine
Case study
From the left: Giovanni Cassini (Area manager - Meccanotecnica), Alessandro Osto (Manager - Logo) and Massimo Resentera (Sales representative of Meccanotecnica); in the background Universe, automatic folding and book sewing machine.
31 Oct 2019

The experience of Logo in high-quality digital book production

Logo is a group of companies, founded in 1998, operating in digital and offset printing, book finishing and paper product manufacturing. With the motto "More than print" and a team of 140 employees, Logo aims to go beyond printing and become a real partner for customers to provide high-value-added services.

Logo builds its competitive advantage by implementing a strategy that places the whole point of view of the customer at the center, with the mission of fulfilling its desires and objectives in the best possible way and responding promptly to its requests so as to become a global supplier for it.

The company, strongly dedicated and open to innovation, constantly invests in offering the latest generation of solutions and it is able to serve a wide range of products in different industries: from the manufacturing sector with user manuals, packaging and labels, to retail with displays for points of sale to publishing with books printed in offset and digital.


“We produce over 2 million books a year and we needed to complete our finishing services in digital printing. Publishers are increasingly demanding for short-run, high-quality book production. Additionally, we experienced issues such as loose pages with high-grammage coated paper when producing books in perfect binding”, says Alessandro Osto.


Universe, automatic folding and book sewing machine was the right solution for our needs.


The average run length of digitally produced books is 40/50 copies per title. The Universe, automatic book sewing machine, has proven to be a reliable solution able to guarantee constant production quality; it is easy to use and the make-ready time is very short between one job and the next.

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