Premium book finishing showcased in Lucerne

Many visitors showed interest in the fully automated line of Meccanotecnica (Universe Web, Inline and Trimming)
15 Mar 2019

The Hunkeler innovationdays event was held from February 25th to 28th, 2019

The Hunkeler innovationdays, which was held on Feb. 25-28 in Lucerne (Switzerland) lived up to its expectations.

The four-day event, at its 13th iteration, gathered under the motto “Success with automation” more than 6.500 highly qualified visitors. The leading digital printer vendors and finishing manufacturers showcased the newest technological solutions and 40 “live” productions.

Meccanotecnica presented two premières and a fully automated line for the production of high-quality books (thread sewn) either with softcover or ready for the hardcover application. The idea is simple. Digital presses are now able to print with impressive quality and Meccanotecnica’s solutions show that it is possible and cost-effective to produce premium quality books directly from the printed roll.

Fully automated line for soft cover and hard cover books

The line showcased was composed of Universe Web, automatic folding and book-sewing line, together with Hunkeler UW6 unwinder and the new “Generation 8” CS8 cutter to produce thread-sewn book blocks. Downstream Inline, modular and multifunctional book finishing line for softcover application or hardcover preparation and Trimming, fully automatic three-knife trimmer.

Live productions

4 “live” productions were demonstrated. Rolls printed by Ricoh, HP and Canon with high ink coverage were finished into softcover sewn books to enhance even further their quality.

Hardcover book preparation

In a different workflow, the production of books ready for hardcover application was demonstrated. Three different contents, printed in the same roll, were produced in short runs. The line showed full automation capability. Universe Web thanks to self-learning capability set the book composition on-the-fly, Inline applied end-sheets and lining and Trimming performed the three-side cutting, both solutions featuring variable thickness adaptability.

CNPIEC invested in two Universe Web

During the show, two Universe Web were acquired by CNPIEC Digital Technology Beijing Co. Ltd. Part of China National Publishing Import Export Corporation, dedicated to the mission of developing nationwide the publishing industry.

From the left: Mr. Ghilardi (Sales and Marketing Director, Meccanotecnica) and Mr. Guo Jian Hong (Managing Director, CNPIEC Digital Technology Beijing Co. Ltd.).

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