Operational status of the Meccanotecnica Group

18 Mar 2020

Information regarding COVID-19 crisis management

For us, in Meccanotecnica it is essential to meet the expectations of our customers, partners, and stakeholders, but at the same time protect the health of our employees and contribute to the correct management of the emergency. The coronavirus outbreak has now been characterized as a pandemic by WHO and we all must do whatever is in our means to contrast the spread of the virus and deal with this challenge. We take the situation very seriously by fully complying with the measures issued by the Italian Government.

We have activated all the measures necessary to allow our employees to conduct their working activity in the best possible conditions and therefore, at this moment in time, we confirm the operational continuity. This continuity is subject to that of all the players active in the supply chain, internal and external to the company. For this reason, we will continue to implement organizational actions aimed at minimizing inconvenience wherever possible.

Regarding technical assistance, the dedicated hotline is operational while the technician deployment on-site (from Italy) is affected by the quarantine measures put in place by governments. The workforce present in our Italian head office has been reduced to a minimum, while remaining personnel is working remotely, following the letter and the spirit of the decree.

All our subsidiaries in the world: Book Automation (USA), Aster Europe (GER), Aster Polska (POL) and Aster Shenzhen (CHN) are fully operational at this moment in time but with restrictions and/or suspensions relating to technical interventions in accordance with the prevention measures implemented by the relevant governments.

We will continue to assess the appropriate balance between the wellbeing of employees, who will remain our priority, with the needs of both our partners and clients.

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