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Three-knife trimmer


Three-knife trimmer: high-quality book trimming machine with fully automatic set-up

Trimming is the new compact book binding cutter able to perform fully variable changeovers without operator intervention and to manage runs down to one book with the widest range of formats.

The three-knife trimmer features special devices that enable to cut covers with flaps and to process layflat photo books (glued back-to-back).

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Speed: 2.400 cycles/h

Automatic size change

3-side cutting


The three-knife trimmer features, upon request, BOOK-OF-ONE capability that allows processing books with different format and thickness automatically. The barcode camera acquires book and trim sizes while the thickness reading system completes the information to perform the set-up. This capability increases productivity when processing ultra-short run by eliminating set-up time and manual intervention.

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Trimming, three-knife trimmer


Upon request, the three-knife trimmer allows producing books with gate-folded covers in one pass. Vacuum heads open the cover upwards and downwards outside the cutting area to allow the trimming of the front. The system is activated via a control panel or completely automated via barcode allowing maximum production efficiency.


Trimming features, upon request, silicon spray pads for layflat photo books. The system applies silicon on the entire length of the knives allowing to process books glued back-to-back.

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