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Three-knife trimmer


Three-knife trimmer: the fully automatic solution for book trimming

The new automatic three-knife trimmer for digital printing performs fully variable changeovers to produce books in short runs down to one copy even with flaps.

The third generation of Meccanotecnica’s three-knife trimmer is the result of intense R&D investments aimed to improve its precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Digital printing has revolutionized the book publishing industry and its adoption is steadily growing with books printed in digital forecasted to grow significantly in both mono and color application. This scenario gives digital printers and binders good growth opportunities but also a reason to optimize post-press finishing processes to produce books in short or ultra-short runs with hundreds of job titles per day.

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Speed: 2.400 cycles/h

Automatic size change

3-side cutting

Think differently

Increasing market competitiveness and price pressure is pushing digital printers towards solutions capable of increasing efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing costs.

The answer to all these challenges is automation, the game-changer, and the key to optimizing production processes.

Meccanotecnica’s solution for book trimming addresses these needs with an easy-to-use, fully automatic three-knife trimmer specifically designed for digital print finishing.

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Trimming, automatic three-knife trimmer for digital print finishing

ZERO SET-UP TIME (no replaceable parts)

Book format variability on the three-dimensions is managed thanks to a new high-precision positioning system powered by full brushless servo drives that automatically set-up the machine.

Format information is aquired by the GigaLynx™ vision system, available upon request, that reads the data matrix code printed on the book’s cover.
This feature allows completely hands-free digital workflow, and it is perfect for the trimming of books produced in short runs and printed in digital.


Meccanotecnica’s three-knife trimmer features a maximum production speed of 2400 books/h when processing books of the same size and an outstanding speed of 2100 books/h when processing short runs of 10 books with variable format from A4 to A5 (*).

(*) Books of different size in runs of 10.

Production speed and trimmed book quality may depend on the untrimmed book condition and preparation.


When the cut-off is large the three-knife trimmer can perform the double cutting. During this process, the first trim removes the largest part of the cut while the second trim performs a small and more precise cut for best quality results. This completely automatic function is activated via data matrix code or through the touch screen monitor and it is available on both cutting stations.


Upon request, the three-knife trimmer allows the front cutting of books with flaps. During the process, fully automatic vacuum heads lift the cover upwards and downwards outside the cutting area to allow the trimming of the front of the book.

The system is activated or deactivated automatically via data matrix code for maximum efficiency or through the touch screen monitor and does not require any manual intervention.


Meccanotecnica’s solution for book trimming has a small footprint of just 6,1 sqm.


One of the challenges faced by digital pronters is the difficulty to keep and hire skilled operators. In this scenario, the goal is to automate processes, reduce touchpoints and equip themselves with modern and easy-to-operate machines.

The three-knife trimmer features new electronics and a new touch screen monitor with a friendly user interface and gesture controls.

The full graphic software displays all information allowing easy use of the machine and quick learning for new operators.


Meccanotecnica and its branches have always followed a customer-centric policy. We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction and our after-sales teams are focused on meeting customer needs first.

Moreover, the three-knife trimmer features, as a standard, the remote diagnostic for fast and efficient service support.

On top of that, other web connectivity features and the strictest safety standards guarantee steady operations.

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