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Automatic book sewing machine: the solution for lay flat book binding with demanding quality requirements

asterEVO is a compact book sewing machine offering high performance and the top engineering quality of the aster range.

Several solutions already appreciated on the high range models have been applied to asterEVO in order to obtain maximum reliability and efficiency.

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Speed: 12.000 cycles/h

Max Signature size: 420 x 320 mm

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asterEVO, automatic book sewing machine


asterEVO, book sewing machine, features a running top speed of 12.000 cycles/h and design that incorporates the latest solutions able to fulfill demanding quality requirements. The front guard automatically slides open making the operation overview extremely user friendly.

Compact design

The book sewing machine features an extraordinary compact design, with loading and unloading station only 1 meter apart.

Staggered stitch

asterEVO, book sewing machine, features, upon request, the stagger stitch. This reduces thread build-up at the spine which is particularly significant with high signature-count books printed on thin paper.

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