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Offset Print Finishing - Gathering & Sewing lines

Gathering and sewing line: the solution for book production when output and efficiency are the must

The MULTIPLEX SA gathering and sewing line provides the most efficient way of producing sewn books.

The solution minimizes production costs by eliminating the intermediate handling and the non-productive processes as storage and transport of gathered signatures.

In an average configuration, Multiplex is run by just two operators.

In combination with asterTOP, thanks to a record speed of 18.000 cycles/h for each sewing unit, Multiplex provides unmatched output performance.

The line consists of one MX4 or MX4/52 gathering machine and up to three ASTER book-sewing machines, either asterTOP, asterPRO or asterPRO/52.

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Multiplex SA

Book-sewing machines connected

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Multiplex SA: Gathering and sewing line

Automation & Efficiency

Multiplex SA, gathering and sewing line, features the automatic set up, which considerably reduces changeover time. Moreover, the Full cycle technology® increases efficiency and productivity allowing the sewing of books without the blind stitch. These features make this solution the most efficient for high-quality book production.

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