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Book sewing machines for digital print finishing
22 Oct 2019

Key benefits of the Universe range for digital print finishing

In the digital production of books, the choice between sheet-fed or web-fed finishing is based primarily on the production workflow and the variety of formats and substrates to be handled; factors such as average run length, size variability between titles, paper types and weights and overall production volumes are all elements to be considered and evaluated.

The automatic book sewing machines for digital printing of the Universe range allow book manufacturers to precisely find the right version for their business model, helping them to open new market opportunities, increase efficiency and reducing costs.

The Universe range comprises two models: the “sheet-fed” unit called “UNIVERSE” and the “continuous-fed” unit called “UNIVERSE WEB”. Both models allow the cost-effective production of books in short or ultra-short runs.


UNIVERSE is the top choice if you look for versatility in book production because:

  • It fits best workflows that require the use of different formats and substrates either in terms of paper weight and type.
  • It allows the combination of offset printed signatures with digitally printed ones, enabling the production of “hybrid printed” books.


UNIVERSE WEB, the “continuous-fed” version best fits companies where the focus is on productivity.

UNIVERSE WEB integrates the operations of unwinding and cutting, and if you have adopted the roll-to-roll printing system, the main benefit of this solution is the reduction of production costs mainly thanks to increased productivity. This is the result of consistent savings in the handling of the paper and loading time.

By integrating processes, in fact, the operator does not have to handle the paper between printing and sewing, also saving floor space to stockpile sheets. Moreover, there is a significant reduction of the machine downtime due to less frequent loading operations (compared to the “sheet-fed” version); once the machine is set, the production process becomes hands-free and the operator has no need to intervene until the roll runs out.


Key benefits:

  • Exceptional application versatility (paper type and weight).
  • Unparalleled sheet feeding speed in its category.
  • Outstanding cost-efficiency (short make-ready time and high reliability).


Universe - double feeding version

Key benefits:

  • Combination of offset printed signatures with digitally printed ones, enabling the production of “hybrid printed” books.
  • Possibility to use the solution as a traditional book sewing machine.


Universe web

Key benefits:
  • Increased productivity due to reduced machine downtime for loading.
  • Reduced production costs and labor force required thanks to integrated processes.
  • Outstanding cost-efficiency (short make-ready time and high reliability).



  • Thread sewing is a purely mechanical process not affected by inks, papers or environmental conditions.
  • The lay-flat property is an intrinsic characteristic of thread-sewn books even when made with a high number of signatures. It is not a matter of machine setting or operator ability.
  • Thread sewing is ideal for the digital environment especially in comparison with other adhesive binding methods like PUR, where books need to rest overnight before being checked, while sewn books can be validated immediately for delivery.

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