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Universe, book sewing machine is the automatic sheet-fed solution for fast and versatile digital book production

UNIVERSE, the new “sheet-fed” automatic book folding and sewing machine, outclasses the previous versions in term of performance, reaching remarkable productivity levels by improving the process efficiency.

The solution allows cost-effective binding of short runs and guarantees the production of high-quality books.

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Automatic size change


Max. sheet size: 420 x 640 mm

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 UNIVERSE, book sewing machine


UNIVERSE, book sewing machine, is also available in the ”double feeding” version that features an automatic signature feeder to combine sheets from digital with offset signatures.

New opportunities

This system is ideal for the production of yearbooks, diaries, religious books, thus opening new opportunities for printers. Alternatively, the unit runs as a traditional book sewing machine.

Self-learning capability

Thanks to the auto programming feature, the book-sewing machine runs different jobs on-the-fly. 

Books, with same format but different page count, are automatically managed thanks to smart barcode technology. In this working mode, the only task of the operator is to follow loading and unloading.

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