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Automatic folding and book sewing machine: sheet-fed solution for fast and versatile digital book production

UNIVERSE, automatic folding, and book sewing machine is the ideal solution for cost-effective short-run production of high-quality books printed in digital.

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Automatic size change


Max. sheet size: 420 x 640 mm

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 UNIVERSE, book sewing machine

SELF LEARNING (variable data printing)

Books, with the same format but different page count, are automatically managed thanks to smart barcode technology. The GigaLynx™ Dual Control camera, located after the feeder, also verifies the sequence by reading barcodes or images.

Available as an option, a second GigaLynx Dual Control camera verifies the sequence after the collating station.


Universe performs four processes on the fly:

  • Sheet feeding;
  • Creasing & folding;
  • Collating;
  • Sewing.


Universe reaches remarkable performance and productivity that outpace other solutions on the market. Such productivity level is due to relentless efforts in improving and designing the transport system of the machine and to a highly efficient collating station that features two pairs of cylinders that work independently to increase feeding frequency and productivity. The alignment table has been further developed to improve the transport of the sheets and their correct alignment before scoring. This is particularly effective for low weight paper or landscape format sheets.


Universe’s performance and high level of productivity with a wide range of papers are unmatched on the market. R&D efforts have been directed to guarantee the widest flexibility in the choice of type and weight of paper while maintaining a high level of performance, ease-of-use with quick and straight forward set-up, and premium quality of the books produced. With Universe, every single sheet is creased, folded, and precisely pressed for sharp edges along the fold. The area between creasing and collating has been redesigned to improve transport and pressing of the folded sheets. As a result, the pressure is equally exerted on both sides of the fold and the transport is more reliable also with difficult paper such as landscape format sheets.


Universe is also available in the “double feeding” version that features an automatic signature feeder to combine sheets from digital with offset signatures, opening new opportunities for publishers and printers. Alternatively, the unit runs as a traditional book sewing machine.

New opportunities

This system is ideal for the production of yearbooks, diaries, religious books, thus opening new opportunities for printers. Alternatively, the unit runs as a traditional book sewing machine.


  • Highly reliable binding (thread sewing)
  • Revenue increase (more productivity)
  • Versatility, flexibility and quality
  • Ease-of-use (Universe machine)
  • Proven reliability

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