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Gathering and sewing line: the solution for quick book production when output is a must

Uniplex is the quickest line on the market, ideally suited for any production, particularly: diaries, children books, annual reports, cookbooks, and yearbooks.

The line is a combination of gathering modules, MX4 or MX4/52 connected to an asterTOP, an asterPRO or an asterPRO/52.

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Book-sewing machines connected

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 Uniplex: gathering and sewing line

Gathering machine

Signatures are easily loaded into large-capacity hopper from either sides of the gathering machine. If required the hoppers tilt angle can be set individually, in order to avoid any marking. The width of all hoppers are set simultaneously and quickly.

The rotary extractor drums are equipped with signature thickness control, which detects miss-feeds and double pick ups. The gathering machine features sequential start-up and emptying. The speed automatically changes according to the requirements of the sewing machine.

The MX4 gathering machine also allows the double hopper feeding: a special and useful system of gathering the same signature on the two adjacent gathering stations.

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